South Shields regain the Seniors

Congratulations to South Shields who regain the Seniors!

2019 Championship Final played at Harrogate on May 26th.

 Prescot & Knotty Ash South Shields
1.Mike O’Mahoney
0 – 1
David Walker
2.Kevin Sartain
½ – ½
David Mooney
3.David Owens
0 – 1
Paul Bielby
4.Chris Ford
0 – 1
Brian Towers
½ – 3½

South Shields (average age 65.4) comfortably extracted revenge for last year’s defeat at the hands of Prescot and Knotty Ash.

David Walker was first to finish – he outgraded his opponent by more than 60 points – and when Paul Bielby won on board 3 shortly afterwards the match result was decided. Brian Towers, who had won 2 pawns in the opening of his game, took longer but was always winning. Kevin Sartain, also well outgraded, played a captain’s game for his team and might well have won. However desperate defence by Dave Mooney managed to hold the draw.

Article courtesy of Paul Bielby