New NCCU Seniors Club Champions 2018

Prescot & Knotty Ash are the new Seniors Champions!

The final was held on 30th June at the Bradford Latvian Club.
It proved a close match, but in the end a victory for the Prescot & Knotty Ash Club, who beat holders, South Shields, by 2½-1½. The Merseyside Club were outgraded on every board but in the end youth triumphed over age and experience – South Shields were on average 10 years older than their opponents.

Match scorecard:

 Prescot & Knotty Ash South Shields
1.Mike O’Mahoney½ – ½Joe Watson
2.Kevin Sartain½ – ½Paul Bielby
3.David Owens½ – ½Brian Towers
4.Michael Delaney1 – 0Dave Patterson
  2½ – 1½ 

Article and photo courtesy of Paul Bielby